RCM Subaru Crankshaft Pulley Remover & Installer Tool

£54.99 ex vat - £65.99 INC VAT

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Crankshaft pulley bolts are always notoriously tight! This tool helps you to hold the crankshaft pulley whilst un-doing or doing up the crankshaft pulley bolt during the build or rebuild process.
The wide 50cm lever gives you great leverage and control allowing you to carefully work on the engine in a safe manner.
Where the tool attaches to the pulley, this end has x2 sets of bolts which can be wound in or out to vary the depth of engagement. It is also duel PCD which allows you to work on either?4 x 65 PCD or?4 x 77 PCD pulleys.?
The handle end is drilled allowing you to store the tool after use.?


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