RCM High Grip Timing Belt Bracket Tensioner & Idler Kit

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Introducing our new RCM Gen 3 High Grip Tensioner Bracket Kit!
Utilising the latest FEA analysis in order to optimise strength the all new geometry offers much increased component stiffness in critical high stress areas.
Now directly compatible with the popular CNC billet EJ engine blocks for the ultimate EJ engine package in addition to all OEM EJ20/22/25 block cases.
The latest design revision also incorporates a new socket style fitting to seat the small idler bearing for additional reliability and performance.
The RCM High Grip Tensioner System has been developed as a solution to the problem of belts bouncing and skipping teeth at high engine RPM, which can have catastrophic results.
For many years, race and rally teams have preferred to use the original 2 piece tensioner system as it has proven far more reliable than the later single piece ?swinging? tensioner system. However, the original design has the disadvantage of not using a small idler bearing to reduce belt bounce and flex.
RCM’s solution to this problem is a completely bespoke billet aluminum bracket, which utilises the original tensioner, and incorporates the later 2002+ small idler bearing. An extremely worthwhile modification on all high revving engines and an absolute must on cars fitted with a sequential gearbox where belt skipping can be a major concern.
This kit is for use where the later style system is in place and will replace the whole bracket, hydraulic tensioner and tensioner bearing, along with the small idler bearing.
Already a best seller and used with huge success around the world by both tuning enthusiasts and professional race teams alike this product has become an essential upgrade to any Subaru engine build!


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