RCM Gearbox Propshaft Bung Tool

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As a Technician, there’s nothing worse that having gearbox oil run down your elbow as you lift?out a Subaru gearbox! Transmission oil is not only stubborn but the odour is pretty strong too.
This simple tool is a great addition to any ones tool kit and is compatible with 5, 6 speed and automatic transmissions.
During the dis-assembly process, once you remove the prop shaft, slide this bung in its place and the gear oil will stay in the gearbox. This saves you time effort and money as you no longer have to drain the gearbox.
Made from anodised aluminium, with a knurled grip on the end, the bung slides snuggly inside the prop shaft oil seal ensuring gear oil can’t escape.
Once you’ve refitted the gearbox and you’re ready to refit the gearbox, remove the bung and carefully slide in the propshaft…..job done!


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