RCM Billet Aluminium High Temp Half Moon Seal


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The RCM Billet Half Moon seals (also known as cylinder head plugs) have been specifically designed to replace the problematic OE plastic seals which become hardened and brittle with the constant temperature changes, eventually leaking and requiring replacement again.
ManufactuRed from high grade aluminium, these RCM engraved replacements will not suffer from these issues. Fitting precisely into place and sealed with our SGA35 liquid gasket, this simple, quality part will ensure that leaks on the rear of your cylinder heads become a thing of the past.
Please note, when ordering you will need to purchase 4 of these for a complete engine, please use the option to select 1 or 4 half moons as requiRed.


x1 RCM Billet Aluminium Half Moon Seals, x4 RCM Billet Aluminium Half Moon Seals


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