RCM 67mm Electric Throttle – Reversed Manifold

£895.00 ex vat - £1,074.00 INC VAT

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The RCM drive by wire electric throttle body has been designed and engineered specifically for Subaru applications, for vehicles using a reversed inlet manifold configuration.
Manufactured from machined billet aluminum housings, it is fully assembled and ready to bolt directly to your reversed manifold, it is balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.
Patented shaftless technology, gaining up to 7% more airflow
Failsafe spring return
Operational speed <0.07 Seconds / 60 degrees Electrical Interface - Molex MX150-L Hall Effect TPS (dual redundancy) 0.5v to 4.5v Sensor Additional wiring will need to be assembled to suit your application with the connector supplied A throttle pedal potentiometer or pedal box will need to be used with this throttle assembly


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