Plastigauge – Precision Clearance Measuring Plastic


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Anyone who’s serious about building engines to the right tolerances uses Plastigauge.
It’s a simple but brilliant product which?is widely used in the measurement of clearance in plain automotive bearings.?
It is particularly useful for measuring clearances in split bearings or in situations where a feeler gauge cannot be inserted, and its very straight forward to use.?Torque up to the figures in your workshop manual, undo and compare the squashed Plastigauge with the chart provided. For measurements of: 0.001? to 0.007? (0.025mm ? 0.175mm)?.
Plastigauge can be purchased as an individual sleeve of x10 strands of measuring plastic, or as a bulk box of x10 sleeves giving you a total of x100 strands.


x10 Plastic Measuring Strand Gauges, x1 Box of x100 Measuring Strand Gauges


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