RCM Subaru GDB/GGB/GRB/GVB Billet R180 Rear Cover Kit


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“Competition improves the breed ” they say and this is a great example! This anodised Billet R180 rear differential cover has been developed off the back of RCM?s inhouse Gobstopper projects which have been used extensively and successfully in Sprints, Hill Climbs and of course Time Attack.
ManufactuRed using the very latest CNC techniques this rear differential cover boasts a 25% increase in oil volume over the standard OEM part. This increase in oil volume not only helps to dissipate heat, but it also helps to extend LSD and transmission component life during sustained loads associated with high poweRed street and Motorsport applications.
The intricate, effective cooling fins also help to dissipate any excess heat, helping you to manage transmission temperatures.
The cover features large M20 drain and fill ports allowing rapid oil fill and drain when necessary. The cover also has an additional M16 port which can be used for a diff temperature sensor or can be used for additional plumbing when an external oil cooler has been installed.
This kit is compatible with?GDB/GGB/GRB/GVB Imprezas that are equipped with R180 rear differential carriers. (Will not fit R160)?
RCM Subaru Billet R180 Rear Cover Kit Main Features:
-25% increase in oil volume (1000cc) over OEM Oil Capacity (800cc)
-Increase in oil volume helps extended transmission component life
-Black anodised Heat sink fins promotes enhanced cooling
-Additional ports can be used and adapted to run an external oil cooler or utilized to house an oil temperature sensor?
As an optional upgrade we offer the high intensity magnetic sump bung manufactuRed by Gold Plug. They manufacture magnetic sump plugs of the highest quality, constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest performing, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available. They are a proven product and even used by some OE manufacturers. The strong Neodymium magnet collects any swarf or wear particles which are abrasive and potentially damaging to the crown wheel and pinion and differential unit. The magnet will hold any collected metal firmly, unaffected by temperature variation until the oil is changed.?
RCM3496 ? RCM Subaru GDB/GGB GRB/GVB Billet R180 Rear Cover Kit comprises of the following:?
x1 RCM CNC Billet Aluminium rear differential cover
x2 Differential mounting studs & Nuts
x1 Rear Differential cover gasket
x1 OEM Rear Differential Breather
x1 M20 x1.5 Stainless Steel Drain Plug
x1 M20 x1.5 Stainless Steel Fill Plug
x1 M16 x1.5 Stainless Steel Blanking plug for temperature sensor / external oil cooler
x1 Gold Plug High Intensity magnetic sump plug (optional)
x8 Cover to Differential Housing mounting Bolts


Stainless Steel Sump Plug, High Intensity Magnetic Sump Plug Upgrade


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