RCM Carbon Fibre Prop shaft – Manual – 6 Speed – Large Flange

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RCM single piece Carbon Fibre Prop shaft – 6 Speed – Large Flange.
Now this is a must for anyone who?s serious about tuning and is money definitely well spent! Not only do they look fantastic, but Carbon fibre propshafts in most cases offer a 50% weigh saving over the standard OE part and as a result, give your Subaru some great performance gains.
There?s the obvious reduction in overall mass of your car which has performance gains in itself, however reducing reciprocating mass improves acceleration and acceleration response. You also have less inertia which also improves braking response.
In addition Carbon Fibre drive shafts have a torsional spring rate a little less than aluminium and about half that of steel. The advantage of a lower spring rate is?less driveline shock and a reduction of stress on other drivetrain components, as well as increased traction.


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