RCM 80mm Mafless Induction Kit & Samco Hose


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Roger Clark Motorsport have developed their own high performance MAFLESS induction kit for all Impreza’s, allowing greater unrestricted air flow and improved engine response.

One of the most important things when trying to increase the power of any turbo charged vehicle is the cars breathing system, specifically the cars intake and exhaust system. If you are looking for the best aftermarket air intake system to maximize the potential of your car then look no further!
These kits are a replacement for the restrictive OE air box setup allowing for a huge increase in unrestricted air flow into the engine improving engine response and with the ability to support the needs of ever larger standard position air hungry turbochargers!
Using a large K&N cone element these kits come complete with our exclusive high grade aluminium spun induction trumpet, there is no adapter for the MAF sensor, allowing Mafless running.

The cotton filter element stands 170mm high with a 160mm diameter mounting flange and a stainless steel clamping ring.
Kit is supplied with your choice of colouRed Samco hose, for a complete installation.
Before ordering this kit, it may be worth checking compatability for installations using a front mount intercooler.


Red, Blue, Black, Matt Black


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