RCM / Arrow M2000 Con Rod Set

£3,250.00 ex vat - £3,900.00 INC VAT

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Looking for the ultimate Conrod? We wouldn’t use anything else other than the M2000 rod from Arrow Precision. As found fitted to Gobstopper’s I, II & III no other rod comes close for strength, durability, reliability and precision.

The M2000 high performance connecting rod bridges the gap in the market for superior performance and exceptional strength at a price that is financially viable. Based on material research, M2000 is an ultra-high strength steel connecting rod with high core hardness that maintains ductility.

Careful selection of chemistry and heat treatment practice gives M2000 a complete balance of mechanical properties and close tolerances for demanding applications. It is particularly suited to high stress usages where rod distortion can occur, such as in high boost engines.

Each rod is ultrasonically tested, crack detected and balanced to within a gram of each other before finally receiving the M2000 seal of quality in the form of a laser engraved logo.


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