RCM RHD Oil Catch Tank 1992-2000

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The RCM Oil Catch Tank manufactured specifically for Impreza Turbos 1992-2000.
On a standard engine oil vapours from the crankcase and cylinder heads are usually recycled back through the air intake system. The downside of this is that the intake hoses, turbo, intercooler and connecting pipe work can all see a build up of oil over a period of time which in turn slows air flow, reduces cooling abilities and causes general wear and tear.
Fitting a catch tank enables you to vent all excess engine vapour directly into a separate tank where the oil is then separated from the damp air before being returned directly back into the sump oil pan or left to collect within the separator tank. This ensures your engines breathing system is kept clean and free of oil residue to maximize its efficiency and can be especially useful in high performance or tuned applications where dense oil vapour can have a detrimental effect on performance.
Unlike universal tanks all RCM tanks are manufactured specifically for the Impreza which guarantees easy, straight forward installation for that factory appearance.
This part consists of the tank only and is designed for users who wish to use their own oil breather lines and fittings.


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