RCM Group N Breather Hose Kit

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The Samco range of high performance hose kits are a direct replacement for the OEM hoses offering enhanced reliability and an instant aesthetic improvement to your engine bay.
The Grp N Breather Hose kit is a replacement hose kit, to work in conjunction with the Group N Turbo Intake Hose (SEN1038), which has all of the breather ports removed, so the standard breather hoses do not have anywhere to connect to. This breather kit connects the system whilst bypassing the intake hose, allowing the system to vent to atmosphere, rather than the engine ingesting the oil vapour normally returned to the engine via the turbo intake hose.
Samco pride themselves on being hand made here in the UK, in South Wales. SamcoSport are the original high performance silicone hose brand and pioneers in the development of direct replacement high performance silicone hoses. Chosen by leading aftermarket tuners, International Motorsport teams in F1, BTCC, WTCC and OE vehicle manufacturers it?s no surprise that Samco are regarded by many as world leaders in performance silicone hose supply.


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