RCM Power Steering Cooler Kit 2008-2012

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In warm areas of the world power steering pump failures can be a common occurrence due to components overheating (even through normal everyday driving). This is also a common issue found on many race cars due to greater demands on the steering system which in turn generates higher temperatures, thinning your power steering which then causes premature wear to the bearings inside the pump.
Our Power Steering Cooler Kit has been specifically designed to combat the above problem and ensure your temperatures maintain a safe level. Choosing only the best possible components our kit not only cures rising power steering fluid temperatures but is built to last with no compromise on quality.
During the design process of our Power Steering Cooler Kit, location and fitting played an important factor. Naturally the core needed to catch as much cold flowing air as possible in order for the cooling effect to be at its best, additionally it would be advantageous if the cooler could locate somewhere on the vehicle where it would not be necessary to drill into the body. After much time spent in R&D followed by a number of dyno and road tests the perfect solution was formed. The mounting bracket for our cooler fits snuggly behind the front upper grill using existing mounting points and clips already found present on the vehicle. The cooler itself can be fitted within minutes, but perhaps even more beneficial is its access to a vast amount of fast moving cold air. The kit is also designed to complement our Engine Oil Cooler Kit which locates on the opposite side of the grill performing a similar job.
Each RCM Power Steering Cooler Kit is supplied with a 10 Row Setrab Core. Setrab’s cores are renowned for strength and quality, with working temperatures from -40?C to 150?C and a maximum burst pressure of 37 Bar(g), these coolers are more than qualified for the job and will provide long term reliability as well as consistent performance.
Leading Aeropquip manufacturers Goodridge produce pre-assembled lines to our specification using their latest -6 210 Series hose. “210 Series” is a new development, based on the conventional 200 series stainless steel braided Nitrile hose, widely used in all forms of racing & our Oil Cooler Kits. The 210 series has a lightweight fibre braid, with high abrasion resistance, and is ideal for carrying power steering fluid. It is the perfect solution as a lightweight alternative to 200 series, where the robust stainless steel braid is not necessary, and weight saving is paramount. To finish, each line end is fitted with a Goodridge re-usable alloy fitting precisely engineered to fit 200 Series Hose. Their Aerospace standard Triple Seal/Double O-ring nitrile, cutter design ensures a secure, leak free connection every time and allow for any required alignment with their 360-degree swivel ends.
Each kit is supplied with “Black Hardened Powder coated Steel mounting bracket. Laser cut and skillfully folded into position the brackets also feature pressed fixings for the oil cooler core to attach to and swaged holes to reduce weight and improve rigidity and strength.
Please ensure you select the correct mounting plate finish & material prior to order.
Our Power Steering Cooler Kits are also available with a combined Engine Oil Cooler Kit, please see part numbers: RCM1614 & RCM1615


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