Genuine Subaru EJ207 AVCS Spec C Big Port Cylinder Head Left Hand

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Genuine Subaru Cylinder Head, as fitted as standard to the 2.0ltr JDM Impreza Spec C 2002 – 2007
The JDM Spec C “big port” cylinder heads are widely regarded as the best performing OEM cylinder head case made by Subaru thanks to its enlarged port design which yields significant increases in gas flow when compared to the UK/Euro EJ207 equivalent part.
Compatible without modification to any Subaru EJ20, EJ22 or EJ25 blocks where the engine build utilises the AVCS system on the inlet camshaft side only, these heads make a great basis for your Subaru valvetrain upgrade and are capable of supporting high levels of BHP out of the box.
With cracking around the spark plug thread a common problem on the later type Subaru cylinder heads, often leading to a loss in performance, these Spec C heads are the best choice to make sure you get the most from your new engine build.


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