RCM White Ceramic Coated Twin Scroll Stainless Steel Tubular Exhaust Manifold


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RCM Twin Scroll Stainless Steel Headers offer increased power and torque with improvel turbo spool.
Our exhaust manifolds not only offer significant performance gains across a range of areas but are also manufactuRed to the highest of standards. Unlike many other performance manifolds our headers are produced with a “three bolt hole” flange between the manifold and the up pipe to ensure a long lasting, leak free seal. ManufactuRed with slip joints in the centre of the manifold also allows for expansion under temperature changes so as not to place unwanted stress on welds and removing the need for un-reliable flexi joints.
Additionaly we offer the following choice of options with all of our exhaust manifolds:
Ceramic Coating
Available in performance white or black ceramic coating offers Reduced engine bay temperatures by trapping heat inside the exhaust manifold. A further advantage of ceramic coating is the thermal barrier it creates. This helps to retain the temperature of exhaust gasses as they flow out of the cylinder head, the hotter the gasses the faster they flow aiding performance and offering a more efficient ehaxust system.


RCM Twin Scroll Manifold, RCM Twin Scroll Manifold & Fitting Kit


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