Koyorad: Alloy Radiators: (36mm/53mm) – Subaru Impreza GRB/GVF

  • Ideal for daily and track use
  • Subaru OEM Specific Mounting
  • Direct fitment, Quick and easy install
  • Core thickness : 36 mm/ 53 mm
  • Size : 340x702x36 mm / 340x702x53 mm


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KOYORAD Aluminum Race Radiators for Subaru Impreza are Heliarc welded creating the strongest aluminum to aluminum bond, resisting damage from vibration, road debris, and the elements. The KOYORAD Aluminum Race Radiator also feature Billet filler necks as for strength, durability and better sealing and Subaru Impreza OEM Specific Mounting for Quick and easy installation.

Ideal for use both on and off the track, KOYORAD Performance aluminium radiator improves your engine cooling by upto 50%. Made from aviation grade aluminium, Heliarc welded by hand and with a high quality polished finish, it goes directly in place of your existing radiator without any modification : using the same mounting brackets, stock fans and/or shrouds, sensors, drain plugs, etc.

Koyorad: Alloy Radiators: (36mm/53mm) – Impreza GRB/GVF 08-09

Available in 36mm or 53mm Cores.

V SERIES 36mm Core Thickness

Designed for applications where engine configuration/size cause clearances issues for thicker core radiators. In this case, the 36mm V-Core Series will suit your needs. Intended for both circuit and daily use. Unless noted otherwise, all Koyorad V-Series All Aluminium Radiators are Nocolok brazed, designed as a factory fit, direct bolt in with no engine modifications necessary, and retain mounts for the stock fan shrouds and fans.

R SERIES 53mm Core Thickness

Koyo’s “R” Series aluminium radiators feature a 53mm (2 1/16 in) thick, all aluminium core brazed to polished aluminium end tanks for a show quality finish. Koyo uses state of the art Nocolok Brazing Furnace to bond all of the radiator brackets, headers, tubes, and fins, creating high quality performance radiator. All aluminium end tanks are hand crafted using the latest Heliarc Soldering technique for the most reliable connections, then polished to a mirror finish. Over 60 applications are available for Koyo “Racing” series.

All Koyo Racing series radiators have “OE Specification” mounting location for stock mounting without major modifications; however we recommend using aftermarket electric fans for the best results. Koyo Hyper Radiator Caps are also available to increase your cooling system pressure to 1.3 bar for increased cooling capacity. Racing series radiators were made for manual transmission only, however with a separate automatic transmission cooler; one can use the Koyo Racing Radiator with automatics for increased cooling capacity.

Why not Add Koyo’s High Pressure Radiator Cap

KOYORAD Aluminum Race Radiators for  Subaru Spec.

  • Billet Filler Neck
  • Heliarc welded by hand
  • 100% made in Japan
  • Ideal for daily and track use
  • Subaru OEM Specific Mounting
  • Koyo Mirror Finish
  • Tube and Fin Alignment
  • Direct fitment, Quick and easy install
  • Core thickness : 36 mm/ 53 mm
  • Size : 340x702x36 mm / 340x702x53 mm

Replaces OEM part number(s) : 45119FG030 / 45119SC090 / 45119VA010

Performance Koyo Radiator Fitment:

  • Subaru Impreza GRB/GVF EJ20/ EJ257 2008-2009


Part Number:

  • KL092190R / 53 mm core
  • KV092190R / 36 mm core

Stock images used. Actual product may vary.

About KOYORAD Aluminum Race Radiators

Koyo | Koyorad Aluminum Race Radiators Have over 50 years of manufacturing experience developing a wide range of reliable, high quality radiators. Koyo | Koyorad is well known by all Motorsport and tuning enthusiasts around the world for QUALITY and RELIABILITY. Koyo | Koyorad Aluminum Race Radiators are made exclusively in Japan.

Weight 5.35 kg
Dimensions 86 × 55 × 15 cm
Part Type

Performance Radiator







Core Thickness

36mm, 53mm


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